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Your enclosure/rack will be made with cnc equipment including a laser
It is a process that cuts/burns(vaporizes) the wood/plastic to the exact specifications.
You may experience a smokey residue on your product.
It easily wipes away with windex or simply green type products,
Also when you first open your items it may smell a little smokey, this goes away very quickly once wiped down.
Never have I had anyone want to send one back for these reasons.

All heating products must use a thermostat to control temperature !
Always attach probe to the flexwatt heat tape, that is what you are controlling!
Heat tape does not have a warranty.
We are not responsible for the use of heat tape or the damage caused by.
Heat panels mount in the ceiling of a cage face pointing toward the animal.

I guarantee your cage to be as ordered and in perfect condition,if it isnt send us a picture and we will send a replacement part.

I am not responsible for shipping damage.

We will help you get it taken care of if it does occur, it is the carriers responsiblity to cover the damage.

When your cage is ordered it cannot be cancelled or returned (no refund), because of labor and or design time and possibly materials ordered,that cannot be returned for your project.

If we do accept a return, it will be only for the price of the cage, we will not refund any shipping, either way and there will be a 30% restocking fee.

Freight Shipping

If you receive your product by freight and there is damage to your product, you must contact the freight carrier to file a claim. We here at Boamaster package your order without any damages. We can’t be held responsible for damages that happen during shipping. We do take photos before your item leaves showing no damage to your item(s). Damaged shipment cant be refused by you the client. You must contact the shipping company to report the damages.

If you have a question please check out our FAQ page