Typical manufacturing time is 4 to 8 weeks
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Shipping / Refund

We will NOT cover any damages that happen through shipping. On rare occasion if you contact us and we are able to do something for you we will let you know at the time of contact as per we value all of customer. All cages we ship out are packaged very well and without any damages. If you receive your item(s) and you see damage, you must contact the appropriate shipping company to settle your damage dispute. All cages and racks are shipped non assembled. The reality is shipping companies need to take reasonability for their actions. We here at Boamaster will provide you with images of your product intact when it leaves our facility. For ground shipments we use UPS and for Freight we use CENTRAL FREIGHT.

Refunds will not be issued if you choose to cancel your order. If you ordered the wrong size we will not refund your order. Please read over your order good to ensure you are getting the product you want. We will allow a swap out to the product you meant to buy. From the time you order, time and labor has gone into making your enclosure that we can’t get back. All enclosures and racks are custom made to order.

Who do I contact if I placed an order and my item shipped freight but came in damaged?

If you received your item(s) damaged please contact the shipping company. Please be assured we here at shipped your product with no damages. Once your item(s) ship it is now in the carriers hands. We take photos before shipping showing no damages to your product. Damaged product cant be refused by you the client, you must accept it andcontact shipping company and deal with them.

updated (3.21.2019)