* Can Not burn your animal-even if they touch it! * Clip on plug for easy installation * Exclusive smooth lens material-Doesn’t crack or fade * Attractive sealed ABS housing for easy cleaning and disinfecting * 4 wattage sizes available * Ultra easy mounting-Stainless Steel screws included * Low profile-under 2″ thick * Thermal fuse protected * Heavy Duty 6 foot power cord While you can run these panels safely at full power, we recommend the use of a thermostat when using panels in enclosed areas to maintain the ideal temperatures for your reptiles. Ultra easy to install (2 screws-included) and can’t be climbed on by your snakes! 40 watt panel measures approximately 12.5″x24″x1.75″ (overall dimensions).

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Weight8 lbs
Dimensions26 × 14 × 3 in