Melamine or Pvc Cage?

Pvc cages are: light weight, waterproof ,look modern

Melamine cages are: heavier ,water resistant,, holds heat extremely well due to thickness, get more cage size for the money spent, looks like furniture


What is the normal ship time?

Typically its about two weeks to manufacture


Can my cage be expedited or made quicker?

Yes it can ! You need to contact us directly by phone

to see if we can get it done when you need it.


What size heat panel do i need?

If the cage is in a 70 degree residential(house room not heated up) setup

(4ft cage use 1-80 watt) (5-6ft cage use 1 -120 watt) (8ft cage use 1-160 watt or 2 120 watt)

If the cage is in a 85 degree reptile room that is heated to a base temp

(4ft cage use 1-40 watt) (5-6ft cage use 1 -80 watt) (8ft cage use 1 -120 watt)


Are the cages stackable?

yes they are -go as high as you like–out cages are designed to be stacked up w ventilation in front and back


Can i have you make a custom size cage ?

yes we can make you anything you can dream up . just email us a for a quote.


How come i cant get through on the phone sometimes?

I am very busy during the day building cages,just text me or email and i will get back with you as soon as i can.
I will always take care of the situation and make sure that everything is taken care of.


Can i have glass sliders instead of acrylic ?

if you are willing to wait for 2 weeks we can
normally 99 percent of people want acrylic so thats what we keep in stock.